TravelPlus at Work

TravelPlus Protection is a benefits program provided by participating equine transport companies to protect their clients from the uncertainties of transport, whether domestically or internationally, ground or air.

The TravelPlus benefits are automatically included with your signed travel services agreement. Specified reimbursements are provided in the event of injury, illnesses, theft, travel delay expenses, entry denial by a governmental agency or error with the travel and registration papers. Benefits also include limited reimbursement for designated tack traveling with the horse should it be lost or stolen.

If your horse is registered for transport and suffers from a covered illness or injury that first manifests itself during the transport, you may be eligible for protections as part of TravelPlus.

TravelPlus is designed to reimburse the horse owner directly for all covered TravelPlus benefits of the transported animal.

Clients now have peace of mind that if the unexpected happens when their transporter offers TravelPlus benefits they will receive comprehensive protection from TravelPlus.